We specialize in personal injury claims as a result of motor vehicle collisions and medical malpractice.

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Personal injury claims on behalf of clients where damages is recovered either from the Road Accident Fund or the state, in its capacity as the various M.E.C.’s for health and/or a medical practitioner(s) and/or institution(s) as a result of negligence.

Our aim is to ensure that we are able, on behalf of our clients to prove the merits of the case (whether someone acted negligent in causing harm) and also what amount of damages can be recovered on behalf of the client. In Road Accident Fund claims the assessment of the merits of a matter often is not that difficult, although it may prove to be quite difficult in some instances. In matters of alleged Medical Negligence, matters are more complicated and costly. In most instances the opinion of experts (often more than one) are required in order to make an informed decision as to the merits of the matter. The reason for this is that the medical field in itself is a specialized field of practice and that any alleged negligence therein has to be proved with reliance on strong independent evidence. Prior to involving experts, Moloto-Weiss therefor need to make a provisional assessment in regard to the amount of damages possibly recoverable in a specific instance. This assessment is only based on information received from the client. This provisional assessment enables Moloto-Weiss to decide whether it will be economically viable for them as a business to pursue the matter or not (even if negligence can be proved)

For instance, if the costs of investigation and reports by two medical experts will amount to R30 000.00 and the client did not suffer any loss of income, and will only be able to recover general damages for pain and suffering of R20 000.00, it might not be economically viable to persue the matter.

We offer our services in this regard either based on a time based fee agreement or an agreement in terms of the Contingency Fee Act. In either option the client is not responsible for any costs. Moloto-Weiss carries the risk of costs.

In delivering these services, Moloto-Weiss guarantees that:

  • The client will receive at least 75% of the capital amount awarded,
  • The matter will be finalized (at least on merits) within 30 months of date of decision to proceed,
  • Monthly communication with clients to keep client up to date with developments.  

Moloto-Weiss accepts clients all over South Africa and even abroad. A fleet of vehicles and the use of technology enables us to assist wherever you are situated.

We have already succeeded with numerous claims in excess of R10 000 000.00 on behalf of our satisfied clients!               


The Property Law department of Moloto-Weiss mainly focus on the transfer of properties and the registration of bonds on behalf of financial institutions. In all property transactions time and money are important to clients. Moloto-Weiss in particular ensure that prospective clients understand their rights in order to be able to make informed decisions. In most instances misunderstandings can be avoided through proper communication. Moloto-Weiss enjoys the support of estate agents and financial institutions and therefore is well positioned to add value for its clients.

Moloto-Weiss have been involved in numerous successful property development schemes on behalf of property developers. We are willing to negotiate regarding such fees.

Contact us for a fruitful property experience!



The administration of deceased and insolvent estates are most often time consuming and unnecessarily dragged out process. This can be avoided when the administrator has the required knowledge and practical experience in the administration of estates. This, coupled with, an excellent relationship with the various Masters offices is precisely why Moloto-Weiss is able to assist you in this regard.

Creditors do have an important say in the appointment of trustees in insolvent estates. You need not rely on the appointment of the matter – you can nominate a trustee as well. Moloto-Weiss is part of only a handful of attorneys in the North West specializing in the administration of insolvent estates. Trust us to assist you in this regard.


Moloto-Weiss mainly assists in the finalisation of divorce matters. Although our aim is to guide the parties to a settlement, we are also (and have been) involved in contested divorce matters. We in particular, are able to assist in the calculation of claims for the calculation of the accrual of estates. We also have a thorough understanding and knowledge of Trust Law and South African Care Law, in that regard we are able to provide you with an expert opinion.